David J. Farrar (Deceased)
O.B.E., M.A., C.Eng., F.R.Ae.S., Hon F.I.E.D.
The following is a career achievement brief from David in his own words

As Divisional Director of the British Aircraft Corporation he was responsible for many important innovations which included, amongst other things:

■  Saved the aircraft company from bankruptcy.

■  Funded the development of the BAC111 aircraft.

■  Introduced a World-Changing technology.

■  Showing a way to protect industry from Third World competition.
Photo of David Farrar
During his career he says he was responsible for leading the achievement of the following innovations:

1.    The correct siting of engines on civil aircraft.
2.    Giving staff the skills the project needs.
3.    Faster development through mutual criticism.
4.    Saving the Bristol Aircraft Corporation from bankruptcy.
5.    Last and First.
6.    Becoming Transportable.
7.    Rapid creation of Bloodhound 2.
8.    Joining British Aircraft Corporation.
9.    Creation of the Guided Weapons Division.
10.  Spending of Bloodhound profits.
11.  Origins of the Rapier missile.
12.  On time, on cost.
13.  Cost reductions needed now, available now.
14.  Process Control by digital computer.
15.  Reducing overspent and delayed projects.
16.  Billion pounds cost saving at Rolls Royce Bristol.
17.  Concorde: no buyers, no profit.
18.  Getting Space Shuttle right.
19.  Cost reduction through design.

See the details of the above in
New Revelations, Achievement and Innovations
A paper by David Farrar
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14. "Now it can be told." BAC 100 : 2010 website 2010.
        David Farrar, the only surviving director of Bristol Aircraft, explains how the company
        was saved financially by the guided weapons' programme.
15.  "Vital influence of the Bloodhound", Bristol Post, June 6 2013,
        Article by BEJ Blestowe. This is no longer available on the newspaper website but luckily a copy had been saved and is fully acknowledged. (we are aware of their typographical error)
Thor Ramjet
From Bristol Siddeley Engines Ltd, 1960