Bloodhound System
Bloodhound Mk1 and Mk2 Deployment Locations
Richard Vernon
Here follows a complete list of Bloodhound Mk1 and Mk2 deployment for operational, training and trials use. Training deployment sites for 25, 41 and 65 Sqn are not included, bar 41 Sqn's first Cyprus detachment as that was an operational deployment with live weapons.

UK Royal Air Force

62 Sqn 1960-1964, RAF Woolfox Lodge

94 Sqn, 1960-1963, RAF Misson

112 Sqn, 1960-1964, RAF Breighton

141 Sqn 1959-1964, RAF Dunholme Lodge

222 Sqn, 1960-1964, RAF Woodhall Spa

257 Sqn, 1960-1963, RAF Warboys

263 Sqn, 1959-1963, RAF Watton

242 Sqn, 1959-1964, RAF Marham

247 Sqn, 1960-1963, RAF Carnaby

264 Sqn, 1958-1962, North Coates

266 Sqn, 1960-1964, RAF Rattlesden

Sweden Rb-365
Luftvarnsregemente (Lv) 3 (Swedish Army), Norrtalje, Sweden

F2 Hägernäs (Swedish Air Force)

Royal Australian Air Force
30 Sqn RAAF, 1962-1968, RAAF Williamtown

30 Sqn RAAF Det 'A', 1965-1968, Darwin (Lee Point)


UK - Royal Air Force

25 Sqn 1963-1970, RAF North Coates

25 Sqn A Flt, 1983-1989, RAF Barkston Heath

25 Sqn B Flt, 1983-1989, RAF Wyton

25 Sqn C Flt, 1983-1989, RAF Wattisham

      25 Squadron disbanded as a Bloodhound Squadron in July 1989 and stood up again with Tornado F3 aircraft at Leeming.
      Their Bloodhound flights were re-allocated to 85 Squadron as D, E and F Flights.
      25 Sqn HQ was at Wyton; the 25 Sqn nameplate was transferred to Flicker Sqn at Leeming in 1989

41 Sqn 1965-1970, RAF West Raynham

85 Sqn B Flt 1976-1990, RAF North Coates

85 Sqn 1975-1991 (A Flt 1975 - 1991, C Flt 1978-1979,  D Flt 1980 - 1989), RAF West Raynham

85 Sqn C Flt, 1979-1990, RAF Bawdsey

85 Sqn D Flt, 1989-1990, RAF Barkston Heath (Transferred from 25 Sqn A Flt in 1989)

85 Sqn E Flt, 1981-1983 and 1989-1991, RAF Wattisham  (transferred to 25 Sqn C Flt in 1983 then back to to Wattisham as 85 Sqn E Flt in 1989)

85 Sqn F Flt, 1989-1990, RAF Wyton (Transferred from 25 Sqn B Flt in 1989)

112 Sqn 1964-1967, RAF Woodhall Spa

BHSU 1971-1975, RAF West Raynham

Royal Air Force, RAFG (Germany)

25 Sqn A Flt, 1971-1983, RAF Bruggen

25 Sqn B Flt, 1971-1983, RAF Wildenrath

25 Sqn C Flt, 1970-1981, RAF Laarbruch

Royal Air Force, Near East Air Force (NEAF)

41 Sqn MS 5, 1967, RAF Episkopi, Cyprus

112 Sqn, 1967-1969, RAF Episkopi, Cyprus

112 Sqn, 1969-1975, Paramali West, Cyprus

Royal Air Force, Far East Air Force (FEAF)

33 Sqn, 1965-1970, RAAF Butterworth

65 Sqn, 1964-1970, RAF Seletar

Singapore Air Force

170 Sqn SADC 1970-1990, Site Alph at Seletar, Site Bravo in Ang Mo Kio and Site Charlie in Lim Chu Kang (Reference)

Switzerland - BL-64
( Note: BL means Boden-Luft, Surface to Air, 64 means 1964, the year of the acquisition)

The system stood up between 1966 and 1968 and draw-down between 1998/1999.

Fliegerabwehr Lenkwaffen Regiment 7 (7th Air Defence Missile Regiment) HQ at Bettwil (1968-1999).

(Note: the Regiment contained two Battallions, each Battalion contained 3 Batteries, each Batterie operated out of its own fixed site. The six sites were distributed over the country. Some batteries operated two fire units, some only one: Each fire unit consisting of Radar, control center and 8 launchers. In each site there were bunker protected missiles for re-loading.)

Fliegerabwehr Lenkwaffen Abteilung 71 (71st Air Defence Missile Battalion) HQ at Emmen.

Flab Lwf Bttr I/71 (Air Defence Missile Battery 71 (71st Air Defence Missile Group), BL-64 ZH, Schmidrüti (single fire unit)

Flab Lwf Bttr II / 71, BL-64 ZG, Menzingen (two fire units)

Flab Lwf Bttr III / 71, BL-64 LU, Emmen (single fire unit)

Fliegerabwehr Lenkwaffen Abteilung 72 (72st Air Defence Missile Battalion) HQ at Bettwil.

Flab Lwf Bttr I / 72 (Air Defence Missile Battery 72 (72st Air Defence Missile Battalion), BL-64 AG, Bettwil (two fire units)

Flab Lwf Bttr II / 72, BL-64 SO, Laupersdorf (single fire unit)

Flab Lwf Bttr III / 72.,BL-64 FR, Torny-le-Grand (two fire units)

(Note: The two letters behind the BL-64 indicate the canton in which the site is located: ZH: Zürich, ZG: Zug, LU: Luzern, AG: Aargau, SO: Solothurn, FR: Fribourg. You will find the same two letters on the car plates from these cantons. The names after the canton indicate the town next to the fire units site)


Swedish Rb-65 Bloodhound Mk 2 1965-1974 through 1978 (Swedish system were not used in fixed site role but were deployed to hidden sites dotted around the eastern coast of Sweden.

F8 Robotdivision, Barkarby, Stockholm

F10 Robotdivision, Ängelholm

F12 Robotdivision, Kalmar

F13 Robotdivision, Norrköping

F17 Robotdivision, Ronneby

Firing Sites

UK - RAF/RAE Aberporth

Australia - WRE Woomera (Range E Red Duster Firing Site)

Sweden - RFN Vidsil – Sweden