BMPG Open Day 2015-09
BMPG Open Day
First public demonstration of BMPG's restored Bloodhound MKII simulator.
The BMPG held an Open Day at RAF Cosford on September 12th 2015. The Open Day was an opportunity to see the progress being made on the restoration of BMPG's Bloodhound MK2 LCP and Type 86 radar. The main feature of the day was demonstrations of the recently restored Bloodhound MKII simulator. BMPG's LCP is a MK2A variant which resulted from the Bloodhound upgrade program from 1985. The MK2A LCP used the more powerful Ferranti Argus 700 which not only digitised the displays for the Engagement Controller and Technical Supervisor (see photograph above) but also incorporated the simulator in to the operational LCP. The restored simulator uses all the original LCP systems and original software as used by RAF engagement controllers. While the majority of restoration activity has been on the LCP, the Type 86 radar hasn't been forgotten and work progresses on its external preservation.

Features of the Open Day included:
➡  The opportunity to run simulator exercises in the LCP using the original RAF software.
➡  Viewing some original training and documentary films featuring Bloodhound MKII.
➡  Meeting others who served on Bloodhound MKII in the RAF or were involved in its design.
➡  The opportunity to make it a double and visit the RAF Museum at Cosford as well.

The event was a resounding success with the LCP performing faultlessly; not bad for 40 year-old equipment that had stood in a field for many months. The LCP was exposed to the elements, often with the cabin doors open allowing for perfect conditions for corrosion and oxidisation of electrical contacts and circuits. Restoration of the Bloodhound MKII LCP with its simulator could not have happened without the dedication of our founder, Pete Harry, the unerring work put in by the small number of active BMPG members and support from many individuals and commercial companies.

If you would like to attend such events as the Open Day and didn't receive an invite then please make contact to get on the BMPG email list.
All images of our Open Day activities are with thanks to Mark Thomas and the copyright remains his property, copies are not to be made without his permission.
Pete Harry, BMPG Founder, in full flow!
Introduction to the visitors by Pete Harry and Neil Cartman
Visitors free to wander around the displays and equipment
LCP tour with Neil Cartman (back to picture); others include Richard Vernon (left); both BMPG members.
On the right ex-'L man' Neil (Wildenrath) explains the LCP Simulator to two radar men Trevor York (Bruggen) (seated) and Simon Green (Wildenrath) (drinking) who were all in Germany in 1983 when 25 Sqn returned to UK.
Neil discussing the LCP displays with Trevor York (seated)
Inside the BMPGs Type 86 Radar cabin.