Bloodhound Groups
West Raynham
85 Squadron D Flight 1987
To aid identification of location we were told by Richard Vernon that D Flight were at West Ranyham until 1989 when 25 and 85 Squadrons were amalgamated. 25 Sqn A Flt then became 85 D Flt. 

Barkston Heath didn't have covered Ready Use Shelters like these or anything like that at all and were only allowed to keep a small number of armed reloads on site in peace time.

This photo is at West Raynham taken from the eastern end of “Silver’s” Mx pans, “A-site”, West Raynham

1     Jnr Tech Phil Bailey T86
2     Jnr Tech Mark Kington
3     Cpl Robert Moorhouse
4     Ted Moult M&E
5     Chris Paton M&E
6     Pete Smith
8     Dave McDonald
10   Graham Walker "Shiny"
11   Cpl Sid WigginsT86
12   Cpl Dave MacKay
13   Ian Pratchett
17   Ian Siggee
18   Pete Southwell
19   Dave Kelly
21   Sgt Mike Molloy  
22   Jim Scott
23   Les Gillion
26  OIC, Sqn Ldr Arun Desai
24  WO Ian Moreland, WO Eng
27   Flt Lt Godfrey-Cass, Eng
30   Sgt Ray Kidd
31   Rod O'Mahoney

Those on the pre-Trial Chillingam “Gold” Section would take up two of the the pans in the near background for LCP MkII operational tests.

From Martin Diamond
I first met Jim Scott during a CPX IED inject on a TACEVAL at the FOXTROT sentry post and he was clearing and cordoning. Later he and Chris Binns were the SNCO leads for LCP MkII attending the manufacturer’s Argus 700 courses and testing with Ferranti in Lees, Oldham. As Cpls, Mike Barrett and I were the L Man components of this project. His last posting was Chf Tech in charge of the BMSMSS at North Coates: one Mx, one launcher, one T86 Radar, and one LCP for the hands-on training up to 2nd/3rd line, Depth C."