Bloodhound Groups - RAF Aberporth
1986 - Swiss Firing
(most of the naming by Murray Darling
We would very much like to have a better resolution file than this one if anyone can help.

Firing team gathered for a Swiss missile firing.

1 Cpl Bob Moorhouse T86
2. Cpl "Dinger" Bell GSE
3. Jnr Tech Howie Bowker
4. Sgt Phil Hilsden MOTE
5. SAC Simon Tyas Logs
6. Chf Tech Pete Hope Tech Sup
7. Cpl Mick Pomfret T86
8. WO Mick "Slant Range" Shore (BHFU Team Chief).
9.Cpl Ian Brookes
10. Sqn Ldr Arun Desai EC.
11. Cpl Ian Smith MOTE
12. Cpl Dave Mackay T86
13. Cpl Doug Fido MOTE
14. Cpl Murray Darling LCP
15. Sgt Jim Scott Tech Sup
16. Mr Stu Ackley BAC-Telemetry civilian
17. Flt Lt Graeme Ware EC
18. Flt Lt Jim Muir BHFU Eng O
19. Werner Bissig Swiss EC
20. Andrea Lareida Swiss Sponsor
21. Kurt Hunziker Swiss EC

Find out some details about the Bloodhound Firing Unit (BHFU) on the late Mike Ford's web site here:

Murray Darling said to me,
"Don't forget The Pig in the Fuze Bay"
Very puzzled I had to ask Murray to explain. It turns out that "The Pig" in question was a small squeezy toy mascot which was mounted with attached, cardboard, delta wings. Dependent on serviceability, it would be suspended, on a washing line of wire, between the T86 and LCP related to their S or U/S status. It would "fly" over one, or between them; as in the next launch will happen when pigs fly, in characteristic military mood.
Latterly, as Christmas approached in Nov 86, she was given a tutu and crown and placed on the Ferranti-donated fir tree in the nearby, support portacabin. On the last firing, Keith Evans, Det WO Eng removed the pig and it was rumoured, in dismay, she (due to the fairy-like attire) had been installed in the Fuze Bay of a missile and was therefore in the resting place of all fired missiles, Cardigan Bay.
As the detachment personnel had a dining-in night to close proceeding in the Seniors' Mess (local hotel) there were grumblings at the stone-faced WO at the loss of the dearest lil piggy in all the land. So it was, the main course of the meal was served by the host Lynn, on a covered silver platter. All were thinking only of their bellies and beer to drown their sorrows. However, as the cover of the salver was removed, there was the pig! I still see Keith's ear-to-ear grin as he witnessed this master stroke. Well, after that we knew all detachment rules would soon be gone and a return to the East of England and back to a welcome home and our respective Sections.
Murray also said that although this missile in the picture, being Swiss, wasn't the last missile firing and that those that know the story of the pig will relive their time on the last 6 BHFU firings seen on the BH2 system on TRIAL Chilingham.
If you look very closely at the lower boost motor the pig is on the bottom yoke. Murray told me that the closest likeness he has been able to locate is below from Mill Outlets
Mike Strange