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Donated Photographs
RAF North Coates

25 Squadron,

A selection of pictures taken by Arthur Duncan at RAF Binbrook, a short distance from RAF North Coates. He believes they may have been missiles returning from the Far East. The missile serial number looks like 4283.
George Learwood was posted to No 17 Joint Services Trials Unit (17 JSTU) in November 1963 and left in February 1967 during which time he maintained secure communication, for the unit, with the Ministry of Aviation and various contractor, BAC, Ferranti, Elliot's etc.
The unit was tasked with commissioning and testing the Bloodhound MK2 SAGW. Live firing took place at Aberporthy, Wales. The Squadrons were commissioned in 1966/67 and the Trials Unit subsequently run down.
George was promoted and became temporary Adjutant in the latter days before being posted to Command Signals MEAF Aden.
This group photograph taken in September 1966 came from George and we would appreciate knowing more of the names please. Click on the image for a large copy (13.5MB) Slices from the image with numbers follow.
From George Learwood
No 17 Joint Services Trials Unit, RAF North Coates
29 Cpl George Learwood (Comms)
71 F/S George Todd (Comms, George Learwood's boss)
80 Terry Hurley- Ex Sgt on the T87 and then with AEI/Marconi (proabable)

as Tech rep on T87

89 Mr Hunt MOA Manager